Valentines Day Gift Ideas: Perfume

Perfume is something that is going to really stand out as a Valentines Day gift idea from the old stand bys of a box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers. There is so many wonderful options of just what you can do with this idea of fragrance as being your starting point.

What Perfume Does She Like

The first step to using perfume as a Valentines Day gift idea is to determine what fragrances does the person that you are shopping for like. Now you might be lucky and know the exact name of her scent. There are women who have a signature scent that they never stray from.
On the other hand, you might find that the person that you are shopping for leans towards a type of smell. Perhaps she enjoys different floral scents. There are many women who prefer fragrances with vanilla or even lavender in them. You need to know this when you are shopping.


Perfume Sprays

You can always start out with the basic spray cologne of the scent that you know that she will like. This can easily be wrapped up and given in addition to other Valentines Day gifts like chocolate and flowers.
If you are you are taking her out for a special night on the town, give her the present ahead of time so that she can wear it while you are out.

Perfume Gift Baskets

Many people do not realize that when they are shopping for someone else that many of the top perfumes out there have more then just sprays in their lines. Many of the top companies like Estee Lauder for example have lotions, powders, bath gels, and other items to go with their top selling scents.
You can buy premade perfume gift baskets and give them for Valentines Day. You can also create a custom one. This way you can make sure that you spend on your budget and only include items that you know that she will enjoy.
When shopping for this Valentines Day gift idea, it is a good idea to check out some of the more popular fragrances out there. These can give you a great starting point of what perfume to buy for your special someone.
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