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How to Get Rid of Dry Chapped Lips

Dry chapped lips are a problem that tends to just get worse as the weather starts to get colder. There are many factors that could be contributing to this problem for you. From wearing lipstick to the weather outside, it can all affect your lips are. Since you are not going to stay inside all winter or stop wearing your favorite lip color, you are going to need a simple technique to get rid of this small problem.
The key is not to over do anything when it comes to dry chapped lips. You could irritate the problem further if you are too rough with any of the steps listed here.
Step One
When you brush your teeth, lightly run your toothbrush over your dry chapped lips. This acts like an exfoliater to remove the dead skin that has built up. You might even notice some makeup coming off when you do this as well. You do not want to rub hard because this can cause irritation and the removal of too much skin.
Step Two
In the evening when you are ready for bed, apply a medicated lip balm. The evening is when you are not going to be wearing any makeup and there for can put the most intense moisturizer possible on. There are many great medicated options on the market that you can try to get your lips looking great.
Step Three
When you head out for the day if you are not wearing lipstick, put a lip balm on during the day. This product is designed to create a protective layer to keep out the damaging affects of the weather. This is very important to do in the cold winter months.
Step Four
If you are going to wear lipstick, look for ones that are moisturizing and have vitamin E in them. The all day stay put stains are just going to add to your dry chapped lips problems.
Step Five
Remove your lipstick at the end of the night with a cream based makeup remover. Many times your face wash will not fully remove your lip color. This can add to the dryness. Put the product on and then tissue it off for the best results.
By following this routine, you will be able to get rid of dry chapped lips. The key here is to taking the necessary steps to properly hydrate and protect your lips every day. By doing this, you will see an amazing difference when you look in the mirror.
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