Does Wearing Makeup Make You Happier?


Have you ever noticed that the days that you wear makeup, things just seem to go better? The sun is shining bright and you seem to be in a better mood. You could even say that you are happier for the day.


Many women report this type of feeling on the days that they are wearing their beauty products. The question is whether the wearing of the makeup products produces the happier affect or is it because they are happier that they put on cosmetics?


Makeup Makes You Happier


Looking at the idea that the cosmetics are actually the trigger to making you happier and help you to have a better day is a good place to start. The concept is that you took the time after you got out of bed to apply your cosmetics.


Placing your products and creating a look that you will display to the world and for yourself. You are in essence setting the stage for the type of day that you are going to have. Think of it like creating a mood for a picture.


You can create a brighter more pulled together look and therefore you will feel more confident as you go through your day. This confidence can show up in the way of a smile as you walk down the street. A bounce in your step as you climb the stairs to your office is another sign of this happier you.


Attitude Makes You Apply Makeup Products


The second theory about whether wearing makeup can make you happier is the one that it is really not the cosmetics that are changing your attitude. It is your attitude that is having you take the time to apply your beauty products in the morning.


This means that whether you are happy or not during the course of the day is established by some outside factor. If you are happy then you will apply makeup products. When you are not, there will be no effort made to create a look for yourself.

The Verdict


The truth is that it is probably a bit of both. Of course you will be more likely to apply makeup when you are in a good mood already. If you are happy, you tend to want to look your best. To do this you want to present a polished look that showcases your best features.


The thing is that you can change your mood when you apply makeup as well. If you find yourself not as happy as you could be, it is time to bring out your cosmetics and improve your mood. Many women do not realize how much this one action done in the morning can help you to overcome things that you are feeling or thinking. So give it a try the next time that you are feeling down to see if wearing makeup really does make you happier.

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