Spring Clean Your Makeup Case

Spring is just around the corner and it is time to freshen up our makeup cases. Yes even if you still have some snow on the ground, the warmer months are just around the corner. This is the best time to really take a look at your makeup case and make sure that it is ready for you to glow this coming season.


How to Clean Up Your Makeup Case

Step One:
The first thing that you want to do is to empty out all of the contents of your makeup case onto a table or other flat surface. This makes it very easy to see what you have and what you do not have. You will also be more likely to think about whether you use and need everything that you have if you physically have to pick it up and put it back in the case.
Step Two:
Start out with your foundation makeup and powder and work your way up to your lipstick. It is a good idea to have a system of how you want to sort through your cosmetics. By going in the same order as you do when you are applying them, you will have a more cleaned out makeup case at the end of this process.
Step Three:
The first thing that you want to ask yourself is how long that you have the product in your hand. Even if something is your all time favorite, if you have had it for too long, it may have gone bad. As cosmetic products age, the pigment in them starts to change and therefor affect their color. Throw out anything that you have had for a year already.
Step Four:
The next thing that you want to ask yourself is if you have used this product in the last three months. There are many beauty items that we purchase in the hopes that we will use them. In the end, they only really collect dust in our makeup cases. If you have not used something either throw it out or give it to someone who can use it.
Step Five:
Now that we have sorted through your cosmetic products, it is time to look at your makeup brushes. When was the last time that you cleaned them? The first step is going to be shampoo your makeup brushes with a baby shampoo to make sure that they are clean. The next thing that you want to do is to examine each one to see if they are still in good shape. Get rid of anything that is loosing bristles and did not wash up well.
Now that you have spring cleaned your makeup case, you can make a list of all the new items that you are going to need. It is much easier to choose from the hottest spring trends when you already know what you have. This is also a great time to make sure that you are keeping all of cosmetics stored in the best makeup case possible. The makeup train case is one of the best choices for all your beauty storage needs and you can get it for a steal here.

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