Tools That You Will Need to Do Nail Art At Home

Nail art is one of the big fashion trends right now. You can see women from every walk of life walking down the street with the most amazing designs. While many of these women have gone to the fancy salons and paid top dollar for this, many have not. More and more women are attempting their hand at doing nail art at home. The ones that have been the most successful have been the ones that have found that having the right tools makes all of the difference.
The first step to most designs is applying some type of color. Whether this is a base coat of one color or even a design in and of itself, the type of polish that you choose to use is very important to your nail art. If you choose to grab a bottle of whatever is on sale at your local discount store that day, then you are not going to be able to achieve some of the great looks that you have seen. It is best to go with some of the higher quality formulas like OPI when you are choosing the polish that you are going to wear.
When most women think about the brush that they are going to apply their nail polish, they only really think about the one that comes in the bottle of polish that they have purchased. If you want to do real nail art, you are going to need to upgrade your idea of brushes. There are full sets of the many different sizes and styles that can be used to create any number of intricate designs on your nails.
Women like to put a little bit of bling on themselves. This includes using rhinestones in their nail art. When you are shopping, you are going to want to find ones that have a brilliant color to them. The type of shine that they have is very important as well. There are companies that have taken the guess work out of this and put together sets for you to purchase of multiple colors of rhinestones.
Clear Coat
Once you have spent the time perfecting your nail art, you want to seal it into place. The top clear coat that you use for this is just as important as every other step that you have put in. Clear coats can chip just like a coat of color nail polish can. This is why it is important to go with a quality formula that is chip resistant to make sure that your creations last a long time.
Now that you know the basic tools that you need to get started doing nail art at home, you can build yourself a kit. Once you have done some of the basic designs and worked on a few of your own, you can always add to your tool kit with items like stencils and decals.
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