Skin Care Tips To Avoid Dry Winter Skin

No matter what type of skin that you have, you have the possibility to get dry winter skin. The colder weather and elements that come along with them can do some damage to the delicate skin on your face. That is why it is so important to change your skin care routine to reflect this change in the calendar.
These skin care tips are designed to update your current skin care routine to help you to avoid dry winter skin. If you do not already have a skin care routine that you use every day, then you are going to need to get one first.

Avoid Dry Winter Skin

Tip One: Creams
Many people prefer to use lotion moisturizer on a regular basis. As the weather starts to get cooler you are going to want to trade in your lotion for a cream. Cream moisturizer is much more emollient then lotions. This means that it will hydrate your face much better then the same brand but in lotion form. This one change can do wonders for helping the reflection that you see in the mirror every day.
Tip Two: Overnight Moisture
Your skin loses most of its moisture as you sleep. This is especially true during the months when dry winter skin can take over. It is because of this that many companies have formulated special overnight moisturizers. These formulas take care of the special needs of your skin as you rest. 
Tip Three: Hydrating Mask
To help you to avoid dry winter skin, you can take a special step once a week to really hydrate your skin. There are special hydrating masks that you can smooth onto your face. You usually let them sit for about an hour and then rinse them off. This is enough time for intensive moisture to penetrate your skin to help it to look its best.
Tip Four:Avoid Acne Fighting Products
The reasons that acne products work is that they dry out the skin so that you will not get pimples. If you add this drying to the weather induced version then you get the Sahara desert when it comes to your face. You might need to get rid of these products all together until the warmer months come around.
Tip Five: Water
Your skin is a sign of what is happening on the inside of your body. You need to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated on the inside to look great on the outside.
Following these tips are going to put you on the right path to avoid dry winter skin. It is all about listening to the needs of your skin and then giving your face exactly what it needs.
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