Bare Minerals Eyeshadow Compacts

Bare Minerals eyeshadow compacts have been recently being advertised a lot on the TV. There new limited edition packs are being talked about as one of the best buys of this season. However, not many people know about this line of products from this company that is better known for their foundations. If you are unsure about just what is this top trending product is, then you must check out this important information about it.
Healthy For You
As with all formulas from this amazing beauty line, Bare Minerals eyeshadows are healthy for you. Many of the top selling eye colors on the market today contain man made items that are not that healthy to put on your skin. This company uses all natural minerals and such to produce their amazing colors. This means that you do not need to worry about your skin having any type of reaction when you apply this amazing colors. 

Bold Colors
When most people think about natural and healthy cosmetics, they think of pale and almost there colors. This is not the case with Bare Minerals eyeshadows. They come in colors that will rival anything that you have seen on the runnway or on TV. You can get amazing browns, purples, and even pinks to name just a few of the shades that are out there. 
Goes Great With the Foundation
You might have already fallen in love with the Bare Minerals foundation makeup. The eyeshadows are a great companion to the foundation. You already know about the great coverage and blendability that you get with the product that you are using. You know how great your skin now looks even when you have removed your cosmetics. It is time to get that same greatness from your eye color.
Easy to Apply
There is something special about the formula that is used to make these eye colors. They are super blendable and easy to apply. Many times putting eyeshadow on can be tricky when you are wanting to blend one color into another. This is not the case with Bare Minerals eyeshadow. You will be able to blend and get any look that you can imagine with these great products.
Limited Edition Compacts
The newest and limited time edition to the line are these beautiful gold compacts that sport 8 different colors in them. You will find that the colors in these limited edition Bare Minerals eyeshadow sets can be worn alone or combined to create some great looks. There are two sets to choose from. They are called the Playlist and the Cocktail Hour. You are going to want to get your hands on these well before they sell out.

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