Solid Perfume Compacts A Great Gift Idea

Are you sick of getting the fragrance lovers in your life the same boring gifts every year? Just how many bottles of the same scents do you think that they truly are going to need. Do not fret. There is a great unique gift idea available that will include your loved one's favorite thing fragrance. It is solid perfume compacts.


Solid Perfume


Most people do not realize that many of the top fragrance companies make their top selling scents in a solid perfume. They do this for many reasons. This form is very popular for people that want to be able to reapply their fragrance during the day. Just think about it. In this form their is no need to worry that this will spill out in a purse or in your pocket.


Solid Perfume Compacts


While the basic disposable container that many companies use is a great way to get this type of product. It can even make a decent gift in this form. There are companies that go above and beyond in their packaging. They create compacts to house their fragrance that is a work of art just like the perfume itself.


One of the most popular lines that does this is Estee Lauder. This company has long been known for its legendary line of fragrances. Well every holiday season, they come out with a line of solid perfume compacts.


The designs are usually created by some of the top designers of the time. The metal containers are usually adorned with crystals and enamel colors that make this something that any woman would be proud to show off.


There are even collectors that pay thousands of dollars for the older models of the solid perfume compacts that are out there. This can be something that is passed on from one generation to the next.


Gift Idea


This is one of those gift ideas that is really going to stand out. When the person that you give the solid perfume compact to first opens up the box, they are just going to be amazed at the beautiful design and colors. Their eyes will really pop when they find out that their favorite scent is inside waiting for them to apply. This will be something that they will take out often and show off to friends.


If you want a one of a kind unique fragrance gift idea then you are really going to need to check out the amazing perfume solid compacts that are available this year for sale.

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