How to Create a Nail Polish Gift Basket

Looking for a unique present idea for the beauty fan in your life then you are going to want to create a nail polish gift basket for them. This is truly a way to set yourself apart from everyone else that will purchasing the pre-made beauty sets and trying to give the person more items that they probably do not need. A nail polish gift basket is a place where you can really personalize the item that you are giving based on your loved one's preferences.


Step One


Locate a small basket or tin that is reusable to create a nail polish gift basket in. You want something that is on the smaller side due to the fact that these items really do not take up a lot of room. A basket that is designed to be small and sit on a shelf would be your best bet for this.


Step Two


Purchase a selection of nail polish colors. You can choose to go with your loved one's favorite brand or pick out one that you think they will like. Essie and OPI are two of the most popular lines if you are at a lost for which ones to purchase. You can choose to do a selection of colors that all go together. Think about a set of bottles in the many shades of pink that are available. You can also choose to go with the lines newest offerings. OPI comes out with a new line of colors every season so you could use this as your what to buy.


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Step Three



Find a container of quality non acetone nail polish remover to go into your nail polish gift basket. You want to make sure that your loved one has everything that she needs to do her nails when she opens her present.


Step Four


There are many other things that you can include in a nail polish gift basket depending on how much room that you have to work with. A selection of nail files is a great addition to the present. You can also include a hand moisturizer and moisturizing gloves inside the basket to give them a way to pamper their hands in between changing the colors.


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Step Five


When you are done arranging your products, you can wrap the nail polish gift basket in clear wrap and tie up the top in a ribbon that coordinates with the colors of nail polish that you used.

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