Skin Care Routine Tips When Travelling

There never seems to be enough room in a bag when you are travelling. Trying to include all of the items that you use in your skin care routine can take up quite a bit of room without even thinking about the makeup that you will surely pack as well. There is nothing worse then having what you need when you go some where then not having enough room to put what you want to bring with you in. There are a few easy tips that can help you with this problem.
You do not have to do without a skin care routine when you are on the go. You do not even have to use products that you would not normally use just because they sell a travel size of them. 
Tip One
Most stores sell in the health and beauty section small plastic squeeze bottles for less then a dollar each in varying sizes. This is a great way to be able to take along your favorite skin care products when you are traveling. Find smaller sizes for formulas that you do not use a lot of. The larger bottles are better for face wash and even moisturizer. 
Tip Two
One of the best things to include in your skin care routine when you are travelling is face wipes. Many beauty lines have their own wipes that will clean the face and even remove makeup. They come in packages similar to baby wipes. You can grab one and reseal the package so that they do not dry up. This is great for cleaning your face in the car or even removing makeup once you get where you are going.
Tip Three
Another problem that many face when travelling is liquids leaking into luggage. The last thing that you want to find on your trip is your face wash all over your favorite sweater. There are costly bags that you can buy to pack your things in. However you can save a bit of money, use gallon size zipper top bags that you would use in your kitchen. They are cheap and will save your clothes if anything should leak on your trip.
Even though you are going away on vacation, your skin care routine should not go on vacation too. These simple tips can help you to make the most of your space and time when you are travelling and still leave you looking great.

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