Halloween Makeup Tips

If you are looking around and trying to think about how your Halloween costume is going to look this year and are feeling let down by the makeup options that are out there, you are not alone. Walking through any place that sets up a display will usually show you some grease paint in the form of sticks and possibly a couple of tubes in two colors. How is anyone supposed to create a fabulous look with just that? This is why you need to think about some super easy Halloween makeup tips to really get yourself ready for the big night.
Number One
The cosmetics that you already have can easily be used to create some rather fierce and even frightening looks. Black eye liner is probably the best tool that you have to create looks that will last all night. Besides creating eyes that will mesmerize, you can use it to draw on the face moles or any other design that you could want. Red lipstick is another easily transitioned piece from your daily wear to your Halloween makeup.
Number Two
Head to your local drug store and walk over to the less expensive beauty lines. You can pick up color eye liners and even cream eye shadows that can create bold looks that will look much better then any grease sticks that the Halloween costume store is trying to sell.
Number Three
You can even use your own cosmetics to help your little ones when it comes to Halloween makeup tips. Your highlighter shadow from your eyeshadow compact can be swept on the top of the cheek bone to give them a glow if they are being a fairy or princess. Dark eyeshadows can make eyes look hollow for those zombies and ghouls.
There is not end to the Halloween makeup that you can do with regular beauty items that you use every day. It is just a matter of using them on a different part of the face and perhaps applying them with a slightly heavier hand then usual.


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