Estee Lauder Pleasures Perfume

One of the best floral fragrances on the market these days is Estee Lauder Pleasures Perfume. It is a truly light weight feeling of being in a patch of flowers. Women young and old love to wear this scent on an every day occurrence. It is truly one of the highlights of the fragrance line by Estee Lauder.

The Scent
If you have yet to experience the delight that is Estee Lauder Pleasures perfume then you are in for a treat. It has been described as fresh flowers after a rain. It is a light weight combination of many great floral notes that are going to leave your senses wanting more.
The top notes for this scent are white lily, violet leaves, and green accents. The middle notes will transform you with hints of black lily, white peony, Karo-Karounde Blossoms, baie rose, and pink rose. This is truly a one of a kind experience.

Gets the Most From Pleasures Perfume
The best way to wear this scent is to layer it. This means that you apply different layers of this amazing fragrance to make an impression that will last all day. Many women only spray themselves as they walk out the door. This is ok, but if you want a true fragrance experience then you need to layer it. You will want to apply Pleasure perfume lotion first to the skin. This gently scented moisturizer will help to get your skin ready for the eau de perfume spray.
You can now either dust yourself with the scented body powder from this collection or give yourself a spritz from the spray. If you really want to indulge yourself, you should do both.

Estee Lauder Pleasures perfume is a great buy. It is truly a fragrance that anyone can wear every day. The light weight floral is great for the office or even a day out shopping. Pick up a bottle today to see just what the women who love this product have been talking about.
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