Estee Lauder Beautiful Perfume

Did you that Estee Lauder Beautiful perfume is the best selling fragrance out there? It is true. This marvelous scent is the goal that all other companies strive for. It is a floral scent that both the young and the old love to wear. In a word, it makes women feel beautiful to wear this amazing fragrance. 
A Thousand Flowers
The scent that comes out of a bottle of Estee Lauder Beautiful perfume is said to be the scent of a thousand flowers. However, it is not an overhwelming scent. It is a gentle fragrance that makes it feel that you are wrapped in flowers. This is a fabulous scent that is gentle enough to wear every day or you can choose to wear it on special occassions.
Beautiful Perfume Fragrance Notes
If you feel like you can not quite put your finger on the amazing scents that make up this best selling perfume, you are not alone. There are many fragrance note that go into creating this product. These notes include lilies, roses, marigolds, orange blossoms, a woodsy base, and even a touch of citrus.

A Signature Scent
With everyone racing to be on the top of the latest trends when it comes to beauty, it is amazing that Estee Lauder Beautiful perfume still stands out as a signature scent for many women. When you read the reviews of this product, many say that they have been using this scent for over 10 years. In a world where people try to become the newest celebrity to hit the scene every day, it is nice to see some women holding on to creating their own presence.
A Must Buy
Whether you are picking this fragrance up for you or as a gift, there is really no way that you can go wrong. Thousands of women have voted this to be the best scent out there. Now it is time for you to see why.
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