How to Clean Eyeshadow Compacts

Eyeshadow compacts can seem to last forever. This is especially true if you use different shades of eye makeup daily. Now you probably have not thought about it, but all of this time that yours is sitting in your makeup case it is collecting dust and bacteria. This can cause the color and formula of your product to go bad. You can also end up irritating your eye and the skin around it depending on how much bacteria and dust is in your product. This is why it is so important to clean your eyeshadow compacts.
This process is quite simple to do. You should do this for all your eye makeup products at least once a week.

Cleaning Eyeshadow Compacts

Step One
Open up the eyeshadow compact that needs cleaning and set it on a flat surface on a paper towel. You want to work on a flat well lit surface so that you can easily see what you are doing. The paper towel is there to make cleaning up a breeze afterwards.
Step Two
Get some witch hazel and put it in a small spray bottle. Witch hazel can be found in many health sections near the peroxide and rubbing alcohol. For the small spray bottle, you can find these empty ones in the hair care section for about a dollar.
Step Three
Lightly mist the top of the eyeshadow compact. You do not want to soak the powder but you do want to get the top lightly damp.
Step Four
Run a clean paper towel across the top of the eyeshadow compact removing the top layer of product. If their is discoloration or dirt and bacteria that runs deeper then the top layer, you are going to want to throw this makeup product out and purchase a new one.
Step Five
Allow your eyeshadow compact to dry completely and you will be all set to create any eye makeup looks that you can imagine.


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