Fall Makeup Trends That You Need to Know

With the cooler weather of the fall season being right around the corner, it is time to start redoing your beauty routine to include some of the hot fall makeup trends. These ideas can easily be integrated with the looks that you are already doing. Remember that when the season changes that choosing one or two fresh ideas and adding them to what you are already doing can really make you look like a trendsetter.
Number One
A smoky metallic eye can really add some drama to any look. Just take metallic shadow and use it as you would usually use other shades in your smoky eye looks. This will give your eyes more of a sultry look. There are many great metallic shadows on the market at all price points to complete this look.
Number Two
Red lipstick has always been a classic look. For the fall makeup trends, this look takes a turn on the darker side. Create a wine red lip with colors like a deep bright burgundy lipstick. When you are doing this look, it is very important to keep the rest of your face very neutral. 
Number Three
When people think about fall makeup trends, they usually are not thinking about the neutral colors in the palette. However, that is what this look focuses on. A monochrome eye and lip are really in for the coming season. All one shade can actually create quite a breath taking look.

Number Four
You will see everyone walking the streets this fall with lashes that seem to go on forever. With all of the great formulas hitting the market these days, this look will be easy to achieve. You will want to apply multiple coats of your favorite mascara on so that you can achieve dramatic lashes.
Number Five
Put away your bronzer for your cheeks, the fall makeup trend is to looking a bit flushed. You want it to appear that you just got out of the gym without all of the sweat that would be involved. It is quite simple to achieve this look. A light dab of a cream blush can make you look a bit flushed and ready for your day.
Number Six
Glowing is not just for the summer time. In this look, you are going to make your cheekbones glow and pop. Apply a highlighter lightly on the top of your cheekbones to make it look like you are standing in candle light. The best shades of highlighter to use for this are going to be in the peachy and warm family.


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