Day Time Makeup Tips to Look Great

Have you ever noticed that many of the makeup tips that you read about are geared toward dramatic looks that most women only wear in the evenings? If you are looking for regular beauty looks that you can wear tothe office or as you run errands through out the day, you are usually out of luck. Well all of that is going to change today. This is a list of makeup tips that completely focus on a day time look. You will get real help on looking your best when you step out of the door every day.

Day Makeup Tips

Number One
A simple foundation that evens out your skin tone is really all that you need and probably have time for in the morning. You do not want to have to spend more time then you need on this one step of your routine. A powder foundation like mineral makeup that can easily be brushed on with a few strokes tends to be ideal for day time beauty looks. It is lightweight and will help you to look great.
Number Two
A great cream concealer can hide any flaw or mark that you need to get rid of. This really a tool that can be used in many ways. It can hide blemishes and even act as a base for your eyeshadows. When it comes to makeup tips, you could only put this one product on and you will still be able to get through your day.
Number Three
You do not have to create an amazing dramatic eye look for your day time wear. A cream eyeshadow like Covergirl Intense Shadow Blast can be just enough color to make you look great without looking over done. Gently sweep the cream eyeshadow over your lid with your finger and you will be all set to go for the day.
Number Four
For day time beauty looks, you want to make sure that you follow makeup tips that are going to keep your lips moisturized as well as looking great. A great product like a tinted lip balm can give you a bit of color and keep your lips healthy and able to drink and eat without drastically changing your look.


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