Covegirl Intense Shadow Blast

While applying amazing eye makeup is something that every woman should know how to do, there are just going to be some days when you want something really quick to put on like Covergirl Intense Shadow Blast. This is a simple cream eyeshadow that comes in a tube very similar to a lip gloss. It is simple to use and will stay in place. This is truly one of those cosmetic products that every woman should have in her bag.
Intense Shadow Blast
There are many ways that you can use the Covergirl Intense Shadow Blast. For those that are in a hurry and just want all day color on their eyes, you can use it to achieve this. Simply applying a layer of the cream eyeshadow to the lid and you can be out the door. It is said to stay in place and not to crease over time. With many great colors to choose from, this could be the only eye makeup that you need on a daily basis.
The other way to use this amazing beauty product is to enhance your eye looks. Use one of the great colors that Covergirl Intense Shadow Blast comes in as a base for your powders. This will really intensify the color of the powder eyeshadow that you are using. It is really a must have tool for creating truly dramatic looks.  

Great Deal
This beauty product is one of those items from Covergirl that is truly a steal. You can easily pick up a tube of this for much less then $10 here. It is easy to build up a collection of the go to colors for each season to create any eye look that you can imagine.
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