Why You Need to Clean Makeup Brushes

When it comes to your beauty, cleaning your makeup brushes needs to be part of your daily to do list. Most women use their tools day in and day out and do not even give a moment's though to the maintenance of their up keep. This is a shame and something that most makeup artists would be giving you a lecture on.
Since most of us are not good friends with a professional makeup artists to show us the error of our ways. We must learn to care for the makeup brushes that we use in some other way. This lists is going to show you exactly why you need to make sure that cleaning your tools is part of your daily beauty routine.
Number One
Oil and bacteria can easily make their way into your makeup brushes. It does not matter what quality of tools that you are using. The bristles, whether natural or synthetic, are a natural place for these types of bad things to hide out and multiply. When this happens every time you use these tools, you will be putting oil and bacteria onto your face with your cosmetics. This can lead to blackheads and breakouts. Something that is not totally fabulous.
Number Two
Many women use one makeup brush to apply many different types of and colors of products. Just think about your eye shadow brush. How many colors have you applied with that one tool alone? If you do not take the time to clean the eye shadow out of the makeup brush after applying a color, it will be still there when you go to apply the next one. This means that it will mix with the shade that you want to apply and cause it to change colors.
Number Three
You have invested money in the purchase of your makeup brushes. It is important for them to last for a long time with the time of investment that you have made. When you do not take the time to clean makeup brushes each day, you are going to find that they start falling apart much faster. You will be replacing your tools more often when you do not follow the proper up keep on them. 


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