Top Reasons to Wear Foundation Makeup

If you have been going around through your day without wearing foundation makeup, you need to stop and get yourself to a mirror and apply this great beauty product. Over the years, this staple of beauty has gotten a bad wrap. The main reason for this is that older formulas made women feel like they were wearing a mask all day. The good news is that with technological advances, there have been many improvements made to foundation makeup.
Still sitting on the fence about whether you should start using this cosmetic product? Starting to wonder if the makeup tips that you have read about how to get flawless skin might be on to something? If so then check out these reasons why every woman should wear foundation makeup.
Number One
Everyone has some type of imperfections of their face that they would rather not be there. For some it is freckles while others has redness that they would like disappear. A light layer of a quality foundation makeup can make these problems that you see in the mirror disappear. This one simple beauty product can even out your skin tone and to help you look like you have a smooth complexion.

Number Two
Using foundation makeup can actually help to protect your skin from the sun. It is well known that the harmful rays of the sun can speed up the aging process on your face and even cause cancer. Taking the minute or two in the morning to apply this product can actually help you to fight this. Most formulas have an SPF of 15 in them that can give you some light protection for every day activities.
Number Three
You no longer have to look or feel like you are wearing  mask when you put on foundation makeup. Most formulas are developed to feel light weight and to bend and blend naturally with your skin. If you want something even lighter and all natural, you can always try mineral foundation makeup. This is a light weight powder that allows air to get to your face through out the day. It is also so natural that you could even go to bed with it on.
Number Four
If you are already putting on moisturizer in the morning switching out your current product to a tinted moisturizer can take the place of using other types of this base cosmetics. You will get moisture and a light tint that can help to even out your skin tone with one simple step in the morning.


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