Must Have Makeup Products For Looking Like a Million Bucks Without Spending a Million

Flipping through the pages of top magazines every where, you can see celebrities and models that look picture perfect and probably spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on makeup products to get them there. Ok, they probably did not buy the items themselves. They paid the professional makeup artist that bought the expensive stuff and then applied it to their skin. This is what cost them the big money to look effortlessly beautiful. While there is nothing wrong in doing this if you have the money to do it, what are the rest that do not have a spare thousand dollars lying around of us supposed to do to look great?  
The good news is that with the ever growing competition in the cosmetics world, there are more and more moderately priced makeup products that get the job done just as well if not better then their over priced counter parts. So lets take a look at what your beauty kit needs to look like a million bucks without spending that much.
Foundation Makeup
When it comes to quality and cost effective foundation makeup products, there are two that really stand out. These products have been reviewed and praised over and over again in the top beauty magazines. The first one is Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. It is a oil free liquid formula that goes on with a medium coverage. The reason that women every where love this product is that it lasts all day. There is no need to worry about it coming off on clothes or having to reapply it mid day. Just choose one of the many color options here and you will be all set to look great all day.
The second foundation makeup product that women should look into is Bare Minerals Foundation. This product is really a great light weight product that is actually healthy for your skin. Imagine being able to even out your complexion yet still allow air to get to your skin. this is what this product does. You will find a great piece on the starter kit for this mineral makeup here.
Eye shadows
MAC eye shadows might cost a little more then the drug store brands that many women wear. There is a reason for this. The quality of the powder and the pigments used in these amazing makeup products make them stand out and create those looks that you see on the pages of the fashion magazines. For usually only a couple dollars more then the drug store brand, you can usually find amazing multi packs of colors like the one here on sale.
There is one mascara that even the top paid makeup artist always reach for. It is Maybelline Great Lash mascara in black. It is classic and creates a look that can not be replicated. It is also a steal when you compare the amazing look that it gives you for the price tag on it. Do not believe us. Check out this mascara on sale here.
When you are looking for the best deals on makeup products one of the best things that you can do is to read reviews by real women like you and see what is worth the money and what is not. You can go to sites like Amazon and see reviews of many of the top products and see what people have to say. This will include the good and the bad of how things really work. You can check out many reviews on beauty products at Amazon by clicking here.


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