Makeup Products Do Not Last Forever So Know When to Toss Them

As with most items that you buy makeup products have a certain shelf life. This is the period in time that you can use them and they work and look just like the manufacturer intended them to. After this period of time, you need to toss the unused portion of what you have left and purchase a new one. 
The truth is most women do not realize that makeup products can go bad. The reason for this is that most beauty companies do not promote the fact that the eye shadow that you just purchased will need to be replaced one day whether you use it all or not. So lets change this lack of knowledge!
Here are some of the most used makeup products for most women and when they need to be replaced.
Nail Polish
You can usually use nail polish for about a year from the day that you purchase it. Once the makeup product goes bad, the color usually is not correct and it will not glide on properly. Experts say that you should start checking your nail polish after nine months to see if the color is fading or the liquid is separating. These are signs that it has gone bad.
You need to replace your mascara every three months. This is the most important one of the makeup products that can go bad and actually cause you harm. Mascara is applied so close to your very sensitive eyes. When the item that you have goes bad, bacteria can start growing in it. This can lead to eye infections and other problems if you continue to use it.

Many companies these days are putting an expiration date on their sunscreen products. This is great and helps to remind us that it does not last forever. If you are ever in doubt on this product, you will want to get rid of any unused products after a year from purchase. If you ever have a change in smell and separation of the formula, these are signs that it is time to throw it away too.

You are going to want to pay attention to the container that your moisturizer is in and how you apply it to determine when this makeup product goes bad and needs to be tossed. The ones that come in a jar that you dip your fingers in to apply is going to need to be replaced after about 6 to 9 months. Putting even clean fingers into the container can introduce bacteria to it and cause it to go bad faster. Moisturizers that are in pumps can usually be held onto for up to a year.
Now the old bottle of perfume that you got from your mother has not gone bad to the point that wearing it will cause you harm. The truth is that when you pump a perfume some air gets back into the bottle. Over time, this can cause the smell of the fragrance to change. To make sure that you are getting the scent that you paid for, you are going to want to get rid of perfume bottles after about two years.

You spend plenty on money each year on makeup products. It is important that you make sure that you are getting the best experience out of the items that you have purchased. This is why it is so important to make sure that you pay attention to when each type of item that you use goes bad.


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