Kate Spade Lipstick to Hit Stores

Kate Spade is already known for her handbags and other trendy apparel. Now it is time for this brand to break into the beauty world. Kate Spade lipstick is going to be released to the world and there is already a buzz building. People are talking about colors, the packaging, and of course the style.
Kate Spade Lipstick Colors
This top designer will be launching four debut colors which will be called Supercalifragilipsticks this coming fall. You might have a problem saying the name of this line, but you will certainly be talking about the great colors that come in it.
  • Pop Art Pink
  • Fushia Fete
  • Adventurous Red
  • Bashful Blush
Why It Stands Out
The creators of the Kate Spade Lipstick wanted to give us a product was full on glamour without all of the commitment issues to full pigment colors. You will start to see these stand out makeup products hit Kate Spade boutiques in September and they are said to going to be retailing at about $24 a piece.
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