How to Wash Your Face

When it comes to skin care routines, most of the experts focus on anti aging items and not the simple items like how to wash your face. This is a shame because this one step is where most people end up not accomplishing their goal of getting great looking skin. Getting yourself clean and ready for the rest of your beauty routine is so important that we are going to focus on this completely today.
Before you start to learn how to wash your face, you are going to need to know what type of skin that you have. While many people can easily answer this question, there are some that can not. If you need to decide on which one that you are, it is quite simple. Look in the mirror, do you notice shiny areas of your face especially in what is called the T zone. This is a sign of oily skin. If you have shine but also have patches of dry skin that is peeling then you have combination skin. If you feel your skin is tight feeling and looks like it is a dry piece of fabric then you my friend have dry skin.
Step One
The first and most important thing to learning how to wash your face is picking the right cleanser. You want one that is formulated for your skin type. Doing this will ensure that your cleanser does not take too much oil from your skin as you get it clean. The most popular types of cleansers for the face are going to be the foaming type. They are easy to use and do a great job.
Step Two
Dampen your face to begin to get it clean. This will help to make your facial cleanser foam up better and do its job. You can gently toss a bit of water on your face. A luke warm temperature is best for this step.
Step Three
Dispense a dime size of your cleanser into the palm of your hand. This is usually all that you will need to successfully be able to wash your face. Rub your hands together a bit of water to start the formula to foam.
Step Four
Rub the foaming mixture in your hands all over your face. Make sure to pay particular attention to areas that tend to get dirtier then others and also areas where you are concerned about it being oily.

Step Five
Thoroughly rinse your face with luke warm water. You do not want to use anything that is too hot or cold on your face. Splashing the water onto your face a few times until all of the cleanser is gone is the way to do this when you want to know how to wash your face.
Step Six
This step is optionally. Many like to finish off washing their face by splashing cold water onto themselves to close their pores. This should not be done if you plan on applying other skin care products after you have finished washing.

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