Makeup Brushes That You Must Have

When it comes to looking great, you can use all of the makeup tips in the world, but if you do not have the right set of makeup brushes it will not matter. Every artist will tell you that skill will only take you so far and that you still need the correct tools to express your vision. This is true in painting as well as in cosmetics. If you are not putting on your products with the best tools possible, then there is no reason for the results to be picture perfect.
There are many different types of makeup brushes out there for you to buy. If you are just building your beauty kit, you can get a set that includes most of the types of brushes that are listed here for a reasonable price. Remember that it is a good idea to invest in quality brushes so that they will last over time.
Foundation Makeup Brush
One of the most under utilized tools that you can have for cosmetics is a foundation brush. As the name of the tool says, most people use this as a way to put on their base makeup. However, this item can also be used to apply cream blush and some other products. It is like a paint brush in the fact that it will give you a more even coverage and it is easier to feather the edges of your beauty products then using a sponge.
Eyeshadow Brushes
Stop using those plastic sponge things that come in your eyeshadow compacts. They are breeding grounds for bacteria and are not meant to last for the lifetime of your product. This makeup brush comes in many different sizes and it is often a good idea to get a couple different ones to start out with. This will make shading and creating those fabulous eye looks that much easier for you.
Blush Makeup Brush
Applying color to your cheeks whether it is in the form of a powder blush or bronzer is something that should be done with a delicate hand. You want a soft brush that is on the larger size for this application process.
Large Powder Brush
The last bit of the beauty kit puzzle needs to be a makeup brush for your powder. This would be the one that you use to set the rest of your cosmetics into place. You want one that is larger then the one that you use for your blush. You will create fabulous looks when you have the right tools at your disposal.

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