How to Choose the Perfect Concealer for Dark Circles

Do you layer on concealer every day in hopes of getting rid of dark circles? You are not alone. Most women put on plenty of product and it ends up caking making any lines that they have around the eye seem more noticeable. This is definitely not a fashion do. The other problem is that often the makeup product that women choose is the wrong shade for them. If chosen incorrectly, this one little beauty step can actually make your eyes appear darker and not get rid of dark circles like you are looking to do.

 Step One

Take a flash picture of your face without makeup on. This might go against everything that you believe in, but remember that doing this is in the best industry of looking great. You can delete and discard of the picture as soon as you are through getting the perfect concealer for you. The flash part of the picture is really going to help to brighten your face so that you can truly see everything.
Step Two
Look at the skin color around the eyes, when doing this ignore the dark circle that you will be trying to hide later. This is the skin color that you are going to want to be matching when you choose concealer. Many women have a different skin color around their eyes then on the rest of their face.
Step Three
Choose a cream concealer that will blend easily within the shade that you selected in step two.
You will want to apply this perfect concealer to get rid of dark circles by dabbing it under the eye in the area that is darker. You can use a concealer brush to slightly feather the edges of your makeup product into your foundation. This will give you a picture perfect look every time.
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