How to Apply Makeup

There are many in this world that do not know how to apply makeup. If you are one of them, do not worry. Being able to put on cosmetics to enhance your natural beauty is something that is easy. You do not have to study at the hands of a master makeup artist to get a basic look right. All it takes is a little time in the mirror seeing what you like on your skin and this simple application process. It will have you being able to apply makeup in no time.
Step One
When you want to know how to apply makeup, the first question that you should ask is what to do with foundation. This is the most important step to this entire process. You want a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone. You can get this by heading to the cosmetics counters at your local department store. To put the liquid on your face, you can use a cotton swab and place a small dot of the product on your nose, forehead, each cheek, and on your chin. Use your hands to spread the foundation over the rest of your skin. You will want to make sure that you lightly rub it in down past your jaw line until you can not see where your bare skin ends and the makeup begins.
Step Two
Grab yourself a large powder or blush brush to put on your blush. You want to sweep the color lightly from the apple of your cheeks up to your ears following your cheek bones. When you apply makeup this way, you want to start out with a small amount of color. You can always add more once you see how it looks on your skin.
Step Three
Using an eyeshadow brush choose a light beige or taupe color of eyeshadow and apply it from the lash line all the way up to the brow. Many multi packs or quads of eye color will have a light shade along these lines that will work for this. Choose a slightly darker shade of brown or another complimentary color from your compact and brush in onto the eye lid. You want to feather it into the beige once you get past the crease of your eye lid.
Step Four
Know matter what look you are trying to create when you apply makeup, you want to put on a quality black mascara. This is a must have item.
Step Five
Finish off your look with a tinted lip gloss. This is a great way to start out with beauty products, because it gives your lips a hint of color and shine.

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