How to Apply Eye Cream

When it comes to anti aging skin care products, eye cream is one of the most popular types out there. There are many reasons for this. The first has to do with the fine lines and wrinkles that show up around the eye area. The skin on this part of the face is very delicate and tends to show the first signs of aging. The second reason is usually puffiness and dark circles.
The secret to using this skin care product to look great is knowing how to apply eye cream. With proper application techniques, you can easily make yourself look years younger.
Step One
Clean the skin area around the eye. You want to make sure that you have removed all makeup. There are many quality eye makeup removers that you can use for this.
Step Two
With a cotton swab dab three small dots of of your eye cream under your eye. You are actually going to want to place these dots on your cheek bone area when you apply eye cream.
Step Three
Tap the product into the skin along the bone with your middle finger. You do not need to worry about applying the product closer to the eye. It will naturally migrate there. When you apply eye cream this way, you will avoid getting any in your eyes and causing irritation.
Step Four
Finish applying your makeup as you usually would.

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