Easy Tips For a Perfect Manicure

Spending big money to get a perfect manicure is out of style. People are having to make big cuts in their personal budgets these days to make ends meet. Personal grooming and beauty are usually some of the first areas to be cut. So if you had to stop going to your favorite nail salon and your hands are looking worse for it, do not fret. You can create a perfect manicure at home with these simple tips. It will save you money and your hands will look great afterwards.
Number One
Set yourself up an area to work on a large flat surface. Your dining room or kitchen table would do well for this. You could also use a TV tray if you so desire. The key is to be able to setup everything that you are going to need for the perfect manicure in one place. This will keep you from messing your color while it is still wet.
Number Two
Nail polish adheres the best to clean, dry nails. Remove your previous color with a non acetone remover. When you are done, you are going to want to wash and dry your hands completely.
Number Three
When applying color for the perfect manicure, you are going to want to cover your entire nail in one to two sweeps of the brush. This means when you dip your brush into the bottle, you want to get enough product to cover your nail the first time.
Number Four
Keep some cotton swabs and your nail polish remover nearby to make any corrections. Dab a clean cotton swab into the remover and you can instantly get rid of any polish that you get on your skin.
These perfect manicure tips can also be used on your toes to make your feet look as grand as your hands. 
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