Smokey Eye Makeup Tools That You Will Need

The smokey eye makeup look is one that you will see everywhere from people walking down the street to your favorite celebrities. There is a good reason why most women go with this great beauty look. It is because it compliments every woman and is easy to do. This is as long as you have the right tools to create the most breathtaking looks possible.
As with any makeup look, having the right tools make all of the difference. This goes for the cosmetic products that you use to create the look and the tools that you use to apply it. So lets take a look at what you are going to need to create a smokey eye makeup look.
Number One: Colors
There are many different color combinations that you can use when it comes to your eye shadows. Many makeup artist will tell you that you will want to use a base color like a champagne or soft pink. This will give you a light color base to create your look. The darker shade that you will use on the eye lid will depend on your preference. You can go with a charcoal color, plum, or even dark brown. There are many color combinations that you can use when it comes the eye shadows that you are going to use.
Number Two: Brushes
You want quality eye makeup brushes to make sure that you can blend your colors. The key to the perfect smokey eye makeup look is the blending of the colors that you put on your skin. It is important to have a good quality and the proper size eyeshadow brush to get this done. If you choose to purchase a set of professional makeup brushes, you will find that you will have the perfect tool for this.
Number Three: Eyeliner
You will need a good eyeliner in a shade that is similar to the dark color of eyeshadow that you will be using. A pencil is usually one of the better choices for this because it can easily be smudged into the smokey eye makeup. You can go with an automatic pencil or even one that you will need to sharpen.
Number Four: Mascara
Black mascara is the perfect way to finish a smokey eye makeup look. It is the finishing touch that no one should do without. A quality lengthening or even curling mascara can even make it look like you are wearing false lashes. This can make your eyes really pop and stand out.
Once you have the right tools to create the smokey eye makeup look, you will find yourself doing it every day. You will even be able to start experimenting with different colors to show different ways of wearing this hot look.

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