How to Apply Covergirl Outlast Lip Color


If you want all day lipstick then you should be using Covergirl Outlast lip color. This is the best product on the market to keep your lips looking great all day. The key thing to using this makeup item is to make sure that you are applying it correctly. There are some things that most women do when they put this on that makes its lasting affects go away.
Step One
Start with clean and dry lips. Many women will apply a type of lip balm or moisturizer to their lips before applying whatever type of lip color that they are using. While this might be fine for other lipsticks, Covergirl Outlast will not work when applied on top of a lip balm. If you need to moisturize your lips, do so the night before you plan on wearing this product.
Step Two
Apply a coat of the color tube. You can do this a couple of times in order to build up the shade to how you want it to look. The key is to make sure that it is smooth and to allow it to dry completely. This will set your lip color and make sure that you have great looking lips. 
Step Three
Once the Covergirl Outlast lip color first step is dry, you can apply the moisturizing gloss. This will make the lips look moist and shiny. You can reapply this second step through out the day to help to keep your lips looking moist.
The best way to use this new application process is to buy a few different colors of the Covergirl product. You will love the way that they all look and last when you apply them correctly.


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