Protect Your Skin With Foundation Makeup

Protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun is something that is very important to do. However, most women do not realize that the very action of putting on foundation makeup every morning can be doing a lot to help in this endeavor.
SPF for Every Day
To truly make sure that you are protecting yourself from skin cancer and the premature skins of aging, you need to apply some type of product with an SPF in it. Just the act of walking from your car to your house exposes your skin to the harmful rays of the sun.The good news is that you can choose to use your foundation makeup for some protection.
SPF 15 or Greater
To make sure that your foundation makeup is doing all that it can for your skin, you will want to make sure that it has an SPF of 15 or greater. This will ensure that you have adequate protection for the minimal time that you will spend in the sun on an average day. 
Long Days in the Sun
When you know that you are going to be spending all day in the sun, you are going to need to add to the sun protection that you will be getting from your foundation makeup. To do this, you will need to apply a sun block underneath your makeup. Allow the sunblock to dry completely before you apply the foundation 

Protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun is an important step in your every day routine. There are many beneficial reasons that you need to be paying attention to this. If you are not already using a foundation makeup that has an SPF in it then you need to go invest in one. Protecting yourself can do a lot for the way that your skin looks when you glance in the mirror.


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