Kate Middleton Makeup Tips

Do you want to look like princess when you put on your beauty products? Who wouldn't. This is why everyone is so interested in Kate Middleton's makeup tips. She is a natural beauty that people around the world are just extremely attracted to. She is the young fresh face of the Royal Family. She is already a trend setter when it comes to fashion and now it is time to look at her beauty routine.
Great Skin
The first part of Kate Middleton's routine is that she knows how important it is to take care of her skin. She washes and protects it to help her to have a flawless complexion. The good news is that you can do this too. It is important to wash, use toner, and moisturize your skin twice a day. In the morning and night, you will want to do your complete skin care routine.
Another important thing to remember is proper sun protection. From having an SPF in your moisturizer to including sun block in your preparation to go out for the day. This is all important to keep your skin healthy and looking great.

Kate Middleton Makeup Tips For You to Use

Step One
You will want to use a primer on your skin before you apply your foundation. This one little step can help to prepare your skin for the next product. This will also help to even out your skin tone to get the princess's flawless look.
Step Two
Use a light weight coverage foundation with a mineral base to get a great natural look. You want to make sure that you have the best match to your skin as possible. Doing this will help to make it look like you are not wearing any beauty products.
Step Three
One of the signature looks that you have seen on the newest Royal is a plum eye shadow. Place the plum shade on your eye lid and use a darker shade in the same family to define the crease. This will help you to really make your eyes pop.
Step Four 
Kate Middleton always seems to have a dewy blushing look to her cheeks. You can achieve this same look with a cream blush in a pink shade. The key is to blend the product into the skin very well so you can not tell where it starts or ends. 
Step Five
A natural looking slight pink lipstick or lip gloss can complete this royal look for you. Remember the makeup tips are to enhance your natural beauty and make it look like you are not wearing any products at all.


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