How to Apply Foundation Makeup With a Brush

There are many ways to apply foundation makeup to your skin. However, if you want to end with professional results like the experts do then you are going to want to use a brush. There are brushes that are specifically manufactured to apply liquid or cream to your skin and make it look flawless. It is almost like painting a picture. A few strokes and you will have a breath taking masterpiece on your hands.


Step One



Start out with a clean dry brush. You do not want any old or dried up product to get on your face and cause your perfect look to become anything less. The best way to keep your foundation brush clean is to wash it with baby shampoo once a week. You can then let it air dry lying flat on a hand towel. To clean between uses, you can spray it with witch hazel and wipe any excess makeup onto a paper towel.


Step Two



Take a cotton swab and place a dab of your foundation makeup on your forehead. You will then want to place some on each cheek, your nose, and on your chin. This will be all of the cosmetic product that you will need to use to cover your face. Once you are done blending if you decide that you need a bit more coverage, you can always add more.


Step Three



Take the brush and start at your chin and start brushing out the foundation makeup over your face. You want to use light strokes in an upward motion to move the product onto your skin. Gently sweep the brush around your face until everything is blended in. Once you get the hang of this, this one step will only take a couple of minutes in your beauty routine.


Step Four



Blend the line of makeup along your jaw line with your brush. You are going to want to use feathering to go from an area of cosmetics to your skin. This will make it near impossible to tell where one stops and the other begins.


There are many reasons to use a brush to apply foundation makeup. The first is the flawless finish that you will get from this application technique. The other reason that you will want to start doing this is that it will save you money because you will go through less product over time. The bristles do not absorb any of the product and transfer all of it onto your face, unlike using your hands or sponges for application.

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