Foundation Makeup, Why You Should You Use It

Foundation makeup has long been looked at as the building blocks to an amazing look by people in the beauty industry. However if the real world, there are many women that do not like this very important makeup product. There are many reasons for this. Many have used older version of this important makeup product and have yet to experience the advances.
If you do not use foundation makeup every day then you are missing out. This one step that you can take on a daily basis can do more for your look then spending thousand of dollars in a face lift or expensive skin treatments. The following reasons will show you why you need to start using this item every day.
Number One
Everyone has some type of uneven skin tone. If we all had the flawless skin that we see on television and in the movies then the beauty industry would not do the amazing sales that they do. A light layer of base can even out any imperfections or get rid of any red that you have in your skin. You do not need to use something that feels like a mask to get the right coverage for your skin’s needs.
Number Two
There have been many advances in the technology that goes into foundation makeup. There are formulas that are actually good for the skin that allows air to get the skin. You can get soft flexible feel from the items that you put on so that you feel like you are wearing nothing at all. This is not your mother’s cosmetics. Gone are the days of feeling like you were covering up your skin.
Number Three
You can get the perfect formula to help your skin type. There are matte oil free ones for those with oily skin. A dry skin will do well with one of the moisturizing varieties. Just think about all of the good things that can be done to the skin in the name of getting a flawless skin tone.
Number Four
When you apply foundation makeup, you are giving the rest of your products something to hold onto. Your blush and other cosmetics will last much longer when they are applied on top of a base and not onto bare skin. Lightly smoothing on this product in the morning will mean that your look will stand up to a full day of work and still be ready to head out for drink afterwards.
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