Foundation Makeup For Oily Skin

Oily skin can cause many problems for the woman that wants to wear makeup on it. Getting any product to last and to look great is something that often takes trial and error. The oil in the skin can mix with cosmetics and drastically change how they look. No where is this more evident then with foundation makeup.


There is a simple set of tips that you can follow when you are shopping for foundation makeup when you have oily skin. Whether you are going down the aisle at your local discount store or walking the counters at a department store, these cosmetic tips will still hold true and get you the best product for your skin.


Tip One



Always look for an oil free formula when you are shopping. Most beauty companies will put this information right on the front of the package for you to see. If you do not see it printed on the front, you can easily read the information label on the back of the foundation makeup to make sure that there was no oil included in the manufacturing of the product.


Tip Two



Try to go with a matte finish to help to control your skin from getting oily through the course of the day. Silky or dew like finishes to your makeup will only add to the shine that your naturally oily skin can get. The matte finish of some foundation makeup can help to keep the shine off your forehead and the rest of your face during your day.


Tip Three


Often the best formula of foundation makeup to use is going to be a liquid. Powders can mix with the oil on your skin and cake up and change colors. Liquid will glide over the clean skin and blend to make a flawless look.


Having oily skin does not have to keep you from wearing foundation makeup. Once you have used these tips to choose the best product for you, you will be able to create the same great looks that you see in your fashion magazines.

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