Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Limited Edition Makeup Collections

At the beginning of the top fashion seasons the people at Estee Lauder like to create a new mini cosmetics line. They take the top colors and trends that are coming out and create an amazing group of products that you can mix and match to create some of the amazing looks that you see in the top fashion magazines.

Many of the makeup products that come in these mini Estee Lauder lines are limited edition items. Once they sell out, you are going to be hard pressed to find them again. There are people who have the beauty advisers that work on the counters call them when these collections hit the stores.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soleil Limited Edition


The Bronze Goddess makeup collection is taken being sun kissed to a whole new level. The colors are the hues of a tropical oasis. It is a place and look that you are going to want to slip into to escape the every day. There are brilliant eye shadows and amazing bronzers included in this line. 


Estee Lauder has long been known for their perfumes. It is no wonder that they would come up with a couple of limited edition perfumes to go with this makeup line. You have Bronze Goddess and Bronze Goddess Soleil perfume to choose from. You feel like you have been kissed by a warm Mediterranean breeze when you choose to wear these fragrances.

Skin Care

Lets not forget about skin care with this collection. Since everything has been about getting kissed by the sun look, you should not be surprised that the top selling Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess self tanners are highlighted here. There have some of the best color that you can get from a self tanner. People will think that you spent hours laying out in the sun with these products. 

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